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Stars of the Poofcast Live on Stage

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Tina Del TwistPERTH!

Tina Del Twist, who has more than a passing resemblance to Wes Snelling (but drunk and in a dress) will be performing at the Perth Fringe World festival.

Tickets and details at Fringe World.

Adam Richard Gaypocalypse



(The Formerly Fabulous, now Affordable) Adam Richard will be performing his show GAYPOCALYPSE for One Night Only (yes, you can start singing Dreamgirls now) at Brisbane Powerhouse's MELT GLBTIQ festival.

Tickets and details at Brisbane Powerhouse.


Rhonda Butchmore



Rhonda Butchmore (which is Thomas Jaspers shoved into a dress by sheer force of will) is taking tours of the Melbourne Arts Centre in January and February. You get a free champers apparently. 

Tickets and details at Melbourne Arts Centre.

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