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Talking Poofy

Extended Hiatus

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Hey Guys,

Sorry we haven't been able to bring you any new Poofcasts of late. I can't really speak for Scott and Toby, but my schedule has been unrelenting (as evidenced by the extremely infrequent nature of The Shelf podcast as well) and I haven't even had time to catch up with the boys for a genial chinwag, let alone a chinwag with intent.

I don't see a time before the end of 2013 when we will be able to record any new content, let alone have someone edit and publish it (which I am no longer in a position to do, given the increased demands on my time).

I hope you aren't too distressed by the lack of Talking Poofy in your lives. Hopefully we can manage to get together sometime next year. I will let you know if and when that happens. You can follow me on Twitter @adamrichard or Facebook for updates.



Adam Richard (Chief Poofter).


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Still Missing you - will have a listen to the The Shelf

Just to let you know the Poofcast is still missed out here in rural QLD.  Wishing you all well with your new projects.  -Garry Port Douglas

Of course we miss the

Of course we miss the poofcast ... But  we also appreciate the work it took to make them...We can only hope that when you all have time we can be entertained again.

I just love you guys

I cannot wait to get more, and also to get some expected money later this year to get the back issues!!!  :D You guys can make me laugh when I feel like crap, so thank you so very much for all of the effort you put in, and if you're in Brisbane, let me know, I'll totally make you some cocktails and dinner! - Kelly