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The Poofcast 116 (S7E6)

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Talking Poofy present The Poofcast 116 (Season 7 Episode 6) starring Scott Brennan, Adam Richard and Toby Sullivan with special guest star "Mother" Paul Horan.

This week we are confronted with a Dear Talking Poofy letter about scripture, and we have a bizarre theological discussion, until we ring Jesus and find out the truth about gays and The Bible. Mother Paul Horan brings us the Poofstory of P-Flag, and there is more PoofAware advice.

WARNING The Poofcast contains adult themes, coarse language, sexually explicit discussion and a blasphemous impression of a deity.

Talking Poofy present The Poofcast

People are tools

Good grief!Are you serious!?! I just figured the absence of a podcast for a few weeks was the end of a recording block and that there'd be more coming soon enough.Personally, I'd rather less episodes more often if it means the content is at its best. There's plenty of old episodes to download - and plenty of other podcasts to listen to as well. Keep doing what you're doing and ignore the haters. For all of you, this is a side project and to have kept it up this long is something to be proud of. There are many more patient listeners who appreciate what you put out regardless of when it comes out.Bah!