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The Poofcast 119 Eurovision Reunion Special Edition

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It's Back!
The OG Poofcast team of Scott, Adam & Toby stage a Poofcast Reunion with a very special 78 minute Eurovision Special Edition.
We start talking about Toby's favourite topic, the Eurovision Song Contest, and as usual, we descend into a "hotbed of sodomy."

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and poofters banging on about Eurovision for over an hour.

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Life complete again

At the risk of not being tooo over dramatic about it.  Best wishes from Far North Queensland, Garry  Now to spread the word...


Without sounding like a typical poof - Yay, welcome back. Looking forward to more. Cheers Guys. David.

Thank you!

Thanks for listening and for your support and understanding, and thinking our putrid malarkey is worth downloading.