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Talking Poofy

The Poofcast 120 (S8E2)

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Did the Reunion Special whet your appetite for more Poofcast? Scott, Adam & Toby are back, and they're attempting to answer some of the mail that arrived while they were away. Somehow this involves Toby and Adam recounting their experience watching a Jedward concert. Cabaret Karaoke, the Trevor Ashley weather report, and trying not to make eye contact during a spit roast.

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and an increasingly annoying impression of Trevor Ashley.

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First time

Hi GuysI'm a straight woman who loves comedy. I heard the Poofcast was back, and as I'd never listened before, thought why not? I'm home today feeling ratshit, but you all made me laugh out loud, and so cheered me up. Glad you're back.  New Fan

Welcome Aboard!

Thanks so much for your support, and we're glad we helped with the ratshitness. Sorry about all the bumsex talk...