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Talking Poofy

The Poofcast 131 (S8E13)

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Thomas Jaspers is a surprise special guest at the Food Court of Shame as Scott, Adam, Toby and Wes convene to answer a Dear Talking Poofy letter from a poor neglected bottom in Texas, who is not getting any love, just rough fingers and seeya later. Jaspers explains what it sounds like being in the room next to Scott. Also, listen out for a very brief cameo from Tina Del Twist. 

Like Black Bottom Bevan, you too can have us disregard your problems and push our own agenda onto you by emailing

WARNING The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and Adam smugly repeating the same fat joke several times.

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Where are you?

Hi Poofsters,Where is the next poofcast? I don't want to call your poofessionalism into question but......., BTW, you are really funny, clever and entertaining.Dave 

I know Adam is working in

I know Adam is working in Queensland - i saw him Saturday Night at a Comedy Club in Brisbane and know he has aother gigs up here for a while. Assume the Poofcast just has to wait till he returns to Melbourne and can hook up with the other boys - some of which (I've heard) earn livings as well ... P.S. if scott brennan needs work I have a position for him 

New Podcast Coming Soon

I tried to get those tedious bitches in the same room before I left Melbourne, but they were busy washing their hair, what little they have left. We're meeting up for a LIVE poofcast during Comedy Festival.

Test, just a test

Test, just a test