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Talking Poofy

The Poofcast 134 (S8E16) LIVE!

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Another LIVE Poofcast, recorded once again at the Imperial Hotel during the final weekend of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Toby has been judging Comedy Festival shows and has had a string of awkward audience participation moments, which of course has caused his inner Grunty to explode outward. Adam reveals what he's had up his bum on stage during Comedy Festival. Scott confesses to only seeing shows he was in during Comedy Festival. We eventually get around to answering a couple of Dear Talking Poofy letters, which somehow devolves into a discussion about Kyle Sandiland's fat larynx and the most outrageous use of amyl you've ever heard.

WARNING: The Poofcast contains coarse language, adult themes, sexually explicit discussion and the worst slip and slide you've ever heard of.

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