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Talking Poofy

The Poofcast Episode 2

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 Episode 2 featuring guests Rhys Nicholson (Raw Comedy National Finalist 2009) and Melinda Buttle (Best Newcomer Nominee 2010 Melbourne International Comedy Festival) as The Bottom Whisperer. Special Guest Star Wes Snelling (Tina del Twist, Kiosk, spare Talking Poofy member when Toby has a "headache")

This week we come to you from the Fitzroy Gardens to discuss B for Beats in the Gay to Zed, our Gen-Y correspondent helps us navigate Grindr Etiquette in The Carrie Bickmore Experience and our good friend and frequent Talking Poofy guest Wes Snelling gives us the lowdown on sex-on-premises venues. As always, the Talking Poofy Up Date brings the gay Head Lines, We find our Gaydar Profile of the Week and Melinda Buttle helps us decide between Top or Bottom. All this, and Diversity Corner! Come on in, the water is tepid.