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The Poofcast Episode 4

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Guests in Episode 4: Colin Batrouney (Health Promotion Manager, Victorian AIDS Council) who helps us decipher the GLBTIQ acronym, and Melinda Buttle (Best Newcomer Nominee, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010) who helps us decipher who is Top or Bottom in the world's most visible lesbian relationship.

Poofcasting from the Pride March planning meeting, this week the Gay to Zed and The Chafe both cover the same ground - D for Diversity. Inclusive versus exclusive, sexuality versus gender identity. We may not be very sensitive about some of these topics, hence the thankful intrusion of our expert, Colin Batrouney, in The Carrie Bickmore Experience.

We also cover a rather frightening and tragic phenomenon that is devastating the lesbian scene, as well as our regular segments Gaydar of the Week and Top or Bottom (with Melinda Buttle, The Bottom Whisperer).

First reaction

Listening to The Boys is like immersing your head into a big bowl of Borscht.

It's Warm, Rich, Regional, and Really, Really Pink.

It also leaves a tangy taste in the mouth that you can't quite place or shake.