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Poofcast Hiatus

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Last week, due to a convergence of various circumstances, Poofcast 117 was not ready to be uploaded by Monday night. My schedule has been gruelling these last few weeks. I am waking up at 4am every morning, as I have done for the past ten years, to go into my breakfast radio jobs, which require roughly 30hrs a week. On top of that has been training for Celebrity Splash, which is a minimum commitment of 8hrs per week, but blows out to 10 or 12, not only because I have really been enjoying it, but I want to be as prepared as possible for the live shows at the end of the month. As well as these two jobs, I have been co-producing and performing at The Shelf with Justin Hamilton, which also involves the time consuming task of audio production for the eventual live podcasts we release. Then there are the various other standup gigs I have been performing throughout the Comedy Festival. This has left precious little time to edit, upload and promote The Poofcast, but I have managed to do it every Monday without fail. Until last week, when I noticed in Toby's paper edit that there was an unforgivable defamatory transgression in episode 117, which most likely would have resulted in legal action. I decided to hold it over for a week, so I could spend what few hours I had spare on my weekend to edit it and have it ready for the Monday following. Given that the Poofcast has been up every single Monday for more than a year, I presumed we had enough good will in the bank to allow us a week's grace. At the very least.

The only messages I have received from people over the missing episode have been disgruntled missives assuming that some kind of incompetent alcoholic mishap has caused The Poofcast to go astray. The prompting I've received via email, facebook and twitter, has been needy and disrespectful. To those of you who have posted your notices of gratitude to facebook and twitter in the wake of my post on Friday morning shutting down The Poofcast, I say thank you. It was for you that I made such a monumental effort to have something available every week. I have been next to comatose after performing a physically taxing training regime, overseen by a woman who has been to four Olympic games - yes, try saying "I can't," or "I'm tired," to a pregnant woman with Olympic medals who competed in London last year after already having had one child - and in spite of this, for all of you who appreciate the efforts we put into The Poofcast, I made the gargantuan effort to have something ready for you each and every Monday since I started this extra workload five weeks ago.

The snarky slaps I have received by email, facebook and twitter have made me wonder why I bother. Thank you, once again, to all of you who have responded and expressed how much you love what we do. Talking Poofy will go on, but The Poofcast will be silent for a while. I am not working my arse off to be repaid with nothing but disrespectful goading. Toby and Scott may like to plough on without me, and that is their prerogative. The Poofcasts that are in the can will be uploaded when I am good and ready. The recording session I had booked on the only day I had free between now and June, I have cancelled, therefore there will be an extended period where you will have to go elsewhere for your poofy fun. If you haven't heard the full archive, it is available by subscribing or donating at the right of this page.

Thank you all for your continuing support and your many messages of goodwill and thanks. The Poofcast will return, in some form, at some point, when I can manage it.

Boo hooo

BooHoo...i'm too popular...haha just kidding guys Rock and take your time to do what you need to and i'm sure the poofcasts will be up and running soon.. just miss ya guys.. good thing we got all the old episodes to listen to.

People are tools!

Good grief!Are you serious!?! I just figured the absence of a podcast for a few weeks was the end of a recording block and that there'd be more coming soon enough.Personally, I'd rather less episodes more often if it means the content is at its best. There's plenty of old episodes to download - and plenty of other podcasts to listen to as well. Keep doing what you're doing and ignore the haters. For all of you, this is a side project and to have kept it up this long is something to be proud of. There are many more patient listeners who appreciate what you put out regardless of when it comes out.Bah!

Sending lots of Poof Love

I just thought you were busy with "splash" but came around to check in and see if and when a new ep. would be up and read your post.I am so sorry to hear of the commenting trolls. Anyone who has been listening from the beginning knows how hard you work to put it together and should appreciate that sometimes an effort like this can't be sustained to suit other peoples wishes.I (like all the others commenting) will be waiting patiently to see the future of Talking Poofy.Thanks for the many laughs and thank you all for the massive effort.x 

Fair enough

Sorry to hear that you've pulled the pin, but I entirely understand. Thanks for the huge effort that you and the guys put into the show. I laughed almost as much as you lot did. -- Fido. 

I will be looking forward to

I will be looking forward to the next poofcast with anticipation...i fucken love what you guys well....xxxx....Bevan.....

 You guys rock. I hope for a

 You guys rock. I hope for a speedy recovery and return to the podcast airwaves.Miss you much!

Take your time and recover -

Take your time and recover - you deserve it.   Ditto Toby & Scott.  We will miss you but look forward to a return in the future when you are all good and ready.   You have given me lots of wonderful times and a feeling of connectiveness (is that a word?) with the com- un - ity.  out here in rural QLD.   So have rest love and F those needy inner city types that only think of themselves.Best wishes,Garry 


I just thought something was wrong with iTunes and only started looking into it now because I was missing my huge laugh this week. Completely understand about busy schedules and there are all the allowances in the world but for nasty comments and demands to be sent by listeners to this great poofcast is just unbelieveable. I hope after a little nana nap and lie down the poofcast will be back better than ever, without those nasty listeners who can go to the Sandilands for all I care.Hang in there guy's, we love you!


 People have been giving you shit because you didn't upload a podcast? What the actual f***?I've said before to you that the podcasts have cheered me up no end through a dark period in my life, literally making with weep with laughter on public transport at times, but at no time was I expecting you to deliver them to me with a bow or a cherry on it. I am so sorry that small minded eejits, who apparently have nothing better to do than vilify you through the anonymity of the interweb, while knowing your schedule, because it's something you've talked on the podcasts, have caused this to happen.I wish people were more grateful to entertainers in all forms, and didn't rip off music, content, jokes - thinking that if it's out there, it's free to take. I wish people would respect privacy too, but that's a whole other rant. I wish people weren't so frickin stupid to complain that if a podcast didn't come out on schedule it upset their lives. Hello? Have you seen the news this week? People died and were horrifically injured completing a marathon, primarily raising money for charities; a child died watching his father try to complete a marathon; part of China has again been affected by an earthquake; get some perspective, let's face it - if your mother had been less drunk, you'd have just been a blow-job.Adam, Justin, Scott, Mother Horan, Thomas and of course, Wes, thank you for making me laugh, sharing your lives with openness and frankness, introducing me to shaving with talcum powder (much smoother), and generally educating me along the way in all things poofy. I'm going to miss you all, standing on the shoulder-pads of giants indeed. Now bugger off and shine bright like a diamond where people appreciate you.

In the majority

Honestly, I don't understand people sometimes. The effort that people go to to be cruel and disrespectful. Whilst I am disappointed it had to come to this, it sounded like you needed it! Time for a holiday! You (and to a lesser extent the others on the show) have made such a prolific impact in my life and I am sure I am in the majority when I say "thank you". Thank you for everything you have done and every laugh and every tear in my eye. You are a blessing to us, Adam. We care about you a lot. I hope you know that!!!Davexxx

Good for you Adam.

Good for you Adam. Sounds like you need a break and like you sure do deserve one. I have been so pleasantly surprised on holidays and during busy times of the year to still see the poofcast pop up in iTunes, you have consistently impressed me.

100% support for your response

 Absolutely the right thing to do Adam. Look after yourself. Even if you don't return to Talking know that  I appreciate all the free squeals you have offered up to us. And to the dicks who complained - go fuck yourselves. 

Thank you

Adam - It is terrible to hear that there have been grumblings and groanings and that you have been on the receiving end.  I was incredibly grateful just for the heads up that there wouldn't be a Poofcast this week, assuming rightly that you have an incredible workload on at the moment.  Thank you for the amazing job you do, and for making my train ride into work just that much more enjoyable.  The Poofcast is simply fantastic.  Good Luck.6$dRC